Dec 17 2014

New Puppy or Kitten? Why First Wellness Visits are Important!

Congratulations on your new addition to the family!  Adding a new puppy or kitten to the family can be both a fun and a daunting endeavor.  There are many things to consider, including choosing the right food, training, and introducing your new pet to other members of the family.  Perhaps the most important part of acquiring a new puppy or kitten is establishing veterinary care.  Bringing your puppy or kitten to her first veterinary visit is important to ensure that she is and will remain healthy and happy.  We will examine your new pet and ensure that she is healthy, free of parasites (both internal and external), and is up-to-date on essential vaccinations that protect her from infectious diseases.  We will also counsel you on other important aspects of puppy and kitten care such as feeding, training, and future preventive care, including parasite prevention and spaying/neutering.  We are your resource for all questions and concerns about your new pet, and will help you make her transition into her new home as smooth as possible.


 Allyson, one of our receptionist, is featured with the adorable Knopka! This cuddly Husky is ready for her first “well puppy” visit with Dr. Jason!


Everyone meet this 14 week old Labrador Retriever named Oliver! This cutie was on his best behavior during his wellness visit with Dr. Parker!

Please Contact Us to set up your pet’s wellness visit! A healthy pet is a happy pet!

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